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Motherhood can be very challenging at times, but I wouldn’t trade it for the world. 

Being a mother of multiple children, I have to pour my love into each of them individually according to their unique personalities. This can be very interesting, because I never know what idea they may have.

And then sometimes, I’m pulling my hair out because my children break everything we buy for them, or when I need some quiet time, or over booking activities for them.  🤣

Girl Yes You know how it is...

Somedays I feel like super mom, and other days I feel like I’m a new parent 18 years ago again. I have to tell myself on a daily basis “Listen here mama there ain’t no hand book to parenting, we just have  take the good with, the bad and keep growing”.

Anywaaaaays Girl, 

My children have so many talents, I never want to discourage them from anything, so today my 11 year old daughter wanted to take some pictures of me to grow her “newest venture” yessss boo another thing added to her list 🤦🏾‍♀️😂. 

So I made this T-shirt because my daughter inspired me so much, after I had to get on her about her studies girl. 

Motherhood is just like a university to us learning, teaching, growing, and applying everyday. 

So mama if you’re reading this and you feel discouraged, don’t get so down on yourself about not having this mothering thing figured out, none of us do.

Stay Encouraged‼️

Until Next Time... 



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