Our Story

Meet LyTisa Greene a Trucker's Wife, Mom of 7 she is a self-published author, serial entrepreneur, and the owner and visionary of this creative agency established to empower Millennial Stay at Home Moms and Wives to learn to create wealth and build digital empire her motivation behind the Business and Life-Style company came from her self-published book entitled FlawedUp. She then went on to create more branches of her agency inspired by her wanting to create more time for her family and others just like her. With her vision Millennial Stay at home moms and wives will are able to do a number of things from trucking, to homeschooling, to consulting you name it. 

FLAWEDUP LLC. Is a streetwear fashion brand for the millennial stay at home mom and wife on the go. 

LyTisa G Consulting was created to help millennial stay at home moms and wives to learn to create wealth and build digital empires, through their own gifts, ideas and talents.

Wismology is a self care business offering alternative healing services and products.