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The back story behind this picture

This weekend was extremely fun, my husband had some extra home time, and we were able to do some diy projects, and set our surveillance camera’s up. 

Usually I try to hold my husband just a little past the time he has to go because we miss him so much, but this morning I was so excited because it was 11/11 and I was ready to manifest for the day, and let my husband leave on time.

Once we get to the truck stop, we find his truck’s battery is dead. He comes over to the car and says; “babe I’m good you can go home”.  He’s very protective over the kids and I especially since all of the recent human trafficking reports, today I didn’t not budge until I knew he had his truck running. 

Fast forward an hour later the truck is running, so he comes back over and says “okay babe got it now go home”. This time I’m thinking 🤔 “yes now I can get home and finish my work for the day.  Kiss kiss, a little prayer, and I’m on my way home.

As soon as I get home, I start getting my stuff prepared for my business briefing for the evening, get this kids fed for lunch, and prepare to get cozy in for the rest of the day before the cold front hits here in Dallas.

I run a hot bubble bath, Himalayan salt, and everything going, I get in the tub and then the phone rings... Guess who? Yes girl my husband “babe I forgot to send my trip pack off can you take it”?

Girrrrrla!!! yes I got right out of that tub, gathered my children, put on my trucker’s wife hoodie and gladly went to send the trip pack off..

I love my life as a trucker’s wife..

Stay tuned for more Trucker’s Wife Chronicles..

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